About Us

We are a team of engineers passionate to solve complex problems for the masses around the world. Team comprises of software, infrastructure, security engineers with 8 year average industry experience. They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. Similarly, the founding partners saw an immediate need for a digital e-wallet and HomeZipp was conceived.

An e-wallet to store lenders, insurance, warranty records for your one or more real estate properties. Create a sense of ownership by adding beneficiaries from family and friends on this wallet..

Small or large, a penthouse or a luxury high-end homes, for it to be inhabitable then it has to go through all-yearlong maintenance operations. All the care and feed a house needs over time obviously translates to owner's money and effort.

Homezipp company has a mission to help the owners streamline all financial transactions, maintenance operations , organize and finally share with your loved ones.

Drop us a note at info@homezipp.com to know more about the company specifics. .

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